Everyone is so busy these days….

Naturally, time is something that we can never get back. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. It’s no surprise then, how one day we look around and say to ourselves, “how did I end up with so much clutter?”. That’s where Clutter Clearer comes to your rescue. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, kids room, kitchen, bathroom- or entire house. We’ve got you covered! 

We do offices too! Busy professionals today have enough to worry about without needing to take even more time away to get their offices organized. We do the entire filing system, decor, furniture organizing- you name it.

The owner of Clutter Clearer, LLC truly has a passion for her chosen profession. Sally Johnston believes that she was born to organize.

Allow Sally Johnston’s decades of experience relieve your stress! Sally will sit down with you and devise a budget and plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. You will know everything to expect from finish to end. Clutter Clearer wants to come to your rescue…

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