Why Should You Stage Your Home?

Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

It is reported that over 80% of buyers now use the internet to preview home photos before making a decision to visit a home! Fantastic showing photos not only draw more traffic to your home but staging actually changes buyers’ perception of how much your home is worth.

In addition, agents usually tour homes as they first come on the market. The impression they have of your home has a direct effect on whether they bring prospective buyers through your home. Agents representing buyers only receive commission when buyers make a purchase and will likely take their buyers to the best showing homes to ensure a swift sale.

Sally Johnston has many years of experience when it comes to displaying, creating, and organizing. Allow Sally to work her gifts and talents into your home to increase the likelihood of a fast sale! Using your existing furniture and pieces, or new items, Sally can make your home come to life!

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