Your Guide to De-Cluttering Before the Holidays

The holidays are the busiest and often one of the messiest times of the year! First, you start with plastic pumpkins and flying ghosts and before you know it, you are taking out serving dishes for Thanksgiving. Once you add your Christmas decorations, yards of tinsel and wrapped gifts, your house will surely be taken over by clutter. But not if you have a plan!

Decluttering before the holidays is a great way to simplify the holiday season and lessen your stress. Take a moment to imagine your home clutter-free and ready to welcome guests. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have time to enjoy the holiday festivities without having to pick up after everyone? Your living space is the most important part of your home during the holidays. It’s where everyone gathers around to relax, eat and drink so you will need lots of room. By taking the time now to be more prepared and organized, you can create a living space will be pleasant and inviting.

Clearing Your Living Space

When beginning to declutter your living space, start simple. First, walk around your main living space with a garbage bag. Throw out or give away old magazines and any unwanted items that may be hiding under your table or sofa. Invest in a box to put in the remotes and charging cords for your phones and/or iPad.

Tackling the Toys
“Kid” clutter is one of the biggest battles, especially approaching the holidays. Toys tend to take over households and may also become tripping hazards. One of the easiest ways to tackle toy clutter is to make 3 piles. One for trash, one for donation and one for the toys you want to keep. The toys you place in the keep pile can then be put into the kids’ rooms or closets to make more room in the main areas of your house. If you have too many in the “keep pile”, store half in your attic to take down on rainy days or special occasions.

Decluttering will help you gain control of the spaces in your home and allow you to have more peace and tranquility throughout the hectic holidays. You will be able to enjoy the holidays fully and give your family and friends one of the most important gifts you can give them – your time.

If you want help clearing your living space before the holidays, let Sally Johnston, owner of Clutter Clearer, come to your rescue! With her decades of experience, she is an expert at displaying, creating, and organizing. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, kid’s room, kitchen, bathroom- or entire house, Sally can help de-clutter your home and bring it to life. Call Sally today at 504-376-4114.