Staging can dramatically increase a buyer’s interest in a home. When staging is done properly, your potential buyer will be able to see his, her or their future in the space. In order to accomplish this, you need just the right amount of staging.

Here are ten useful tips and tricks to stage your home or condo:

1. Work on improving your curb appeal.  First impressions matter and can make or break a deal. a. Make sure your gardens are freshly mulched and weeded and brighten up your garden with a pop of color.   b. Make sure the house number is easy to read.  c. Wash and clean all the windows.  

2. Make your home inviting to visitors.  a. Have a fresh welcome doormat by your front door.   b. Make sure to leave your outdoor lights or porch lights on in case potential buyers pass by in the evening. 

3. Ensure that your house is pristinely clean, clutter-free and that none of your honey-do projects are visible. If you need to rent an offsite storage unit to ensure that all your stuff is out of the way, do it. Once the house is sold, you will have plenty of time to organize your possessions or complete your projects.  

4. Hire a professional staging company.  A professional staging company, such as Clutter Clearer, can transform spaces and create new and exciting options for potential buyers.  

5. Openly rearrange your furniture, as to invite for conversation flow. 

6. Make sure any extra rooms have a clear purpose.  Buyers are going to want to see a room with potential, instead of a “catch-all” or “junk” room.  

7. Don’t leave out personal items. This matters especially in bathrooms. It’s essential for you to leave common spaces such as the bathroom as open to the buyers’ imagination as possible. 

8. Keep wall colors neutral.  Not only will this make your house appear brighter and cleaner, it’s one less thing for the buyer to have to worry about. 

9. Organize and leave closets open and make sure they are clean, organized, and fresh.  Closets are a huge selling factor for potential buyers.

10. Add a seasonal touch. Bring each room to life by adding elements that will help the buyer visualize living in your home in the current season.  

Remember you’re not alone when it comes to organizing and staging your home. Just call 504-376-4114 and Sally Johnston will come to your rescue! Sally will give you a free estimate and show you how easy it will be to stage your property so that you can ensure your sale is at the highest price.