Moms are the glue that holds the day to day operations of the family unit together. Often, we don’t see or appreciate the amount of work that they put in daily. Mother’s Day is a time that we can take pause and give them the appreciation they need and deserve. Why not give the gift of a clutter-free home to mom this Mother’s Day?

There are many benefits to living in an environment that is free from clutter. Helping your mom clear the clutter will give her:

• Time: Think of how much time your mom trying to juggle all the things that make a house a home. If every item had its own place, your mom would gain nearly an hour a day. This would be a Mother’s Day gift that would keep on giving!

• Happiness: Help your Mom feel great every day! Clutter free living provides us more balance, peace, and energy in life. Having order has been proven to make people happier, improve our health, and reduce stress.

• More Money: Clutter costs us dollars when we are forced to buy duplicates of things we know we own but just can’t find.

• More Space: Less clutter means more space for living, playing, and working. Clutter-free spaces are more attractive and offer greater functionality.

Did you know that living in a clean space reduces anxiety, promotes self-efficacy, and gives a sense of confidence? Living in a clutter-free home has a domino effect on living a healthier lifestyle, including better sleep habits.

Clutter-free living also minimizes family tension. It should come as no surprise that when your family members are unable to find what they are looking for, they can become irritable. No matter your age, clutter-free living helps everyone in the household. It also allows you and your family to live more efficiently by spending less time looking for lost objects and stressing over piles of random assorted things.

Here are three simple steps to start reducing clutter:

  1. Move all of the contents of one room in a small area
  2. Make three piles – one of the things that need to be thrown away, another of the items that have no use, and finally, the items that can be donated or given to family or friends.
  3. When you have narrowed down the items to keep, specify a permanent spot for those items.

Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?
All it takes is one call to Sally to get a free estimate for a complete declutter of your home. Give your mother, and your family, the gift of a stress-free environment by calling Sally with Clutter Clearer today!