Looking for a gift for your Valentine that is sweeter than chocolate and lasts longer than flowers and? Get your Valentine a Clutter-Free Gift Certificate! Once your Valentine has a decluttered home, he or she can spend more time with you!

A Clutter Clearer Gift Certificate is a practical gift that will help your loved one with the challenges of decluttering and organizing. With her decades of experience decluttering homes and offices, Sally Johnston makes the process painless. She is an expert at displaying, creating, and organizing and can help your valentine bring a cluttered area back to life.

Wondering whether your Valentine could use a Gift Certificate? Read below to see how Sally can help:

1. Give the Gift of Time to Your Hardworking Valentine

Your Valentine works hard all year long. Valentine’s is a day to celebrate your love. Women are often so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget to take time to love themselves. Give her an extra set of helping hands from a professional and let her have time to herself without having to worry about the mess back at home.

When is the last time you took a peep in your man’s office, garage, or sport’s den?  Could he use some help organizing everything into a system that will last for years? Paperwork, tools, footballs, you name it – Sally will find a place for it.

2.Bachelor Pad Redo

Do you find that you are spending most of your time with your boyfriend at your place?  Give him the gift that keeps on giving. Sally will not only help him organize his kitchen, bathroom and living area; she will also establish a place for everything clearing the way for the future. De-cluttering is all about learning good habits. With Sally’s help, everything will be orderly for your next visit.

3. Any Mom or Dad Who Needs A Break

Life with kids is busy and can definitely be messy. Between school pick-ups, homework and soccer practices, having the time to declutter the playroom, let alone any room, is near impossible. Sally can help any parent take the stress of a messy, unorganized home and help start the new year right.

Want to give your Valentine something special this year? Give them the gift that helps them make room for love. Call Clutter Clearer today at 504-376-4114.