Pantries usually become one of the first catch-all locations in the home. When unloading groceries, it can be easy just to toss pantry goods into a pile and not actually go through and place in their specific location, especially if there is no location for said item to begin with. When that happens, a considerable amount of time and money goes to waste from looking for products in disarray or even by replacing products that you thought you no longer had.

The best way to go about organizing your pantry is to empty it completely. Even though that itself sounds like a daunting and anxiety filled task, it will help you get a better grasp on the items you do and don’t have. This will also allow you to thoroughly clean and assess your pantry space.

Once you’ve removed everything from your pantry, throw out any expired products and separate the remaining goods into piles for what they are used for. For example, baking goods, such as baking soda, flour, and sugar, should all be in the same pile.

After you’ve determined what items are paired with what, it’s time to reduce packaging.
Go to your local home goods store and purchase clear glass, or plastic storage containers and jars.

It’s vital to get the same type of containers to ensure it all will be able to fit and look like a cohesive, organized unit when placed in your pantry.

Make sure to clearly label the containers to avoid confusion while restocking when empty.
Once you have everything in its specified container, organize the bins in their specified locations by the amount of use.

Put products that you use more frequently closer to the edge of the shelf for easy access.
Finally, after you’ve organized, labeled, and placed all of your goods in your pantry, you can sit back and admire your brand new, clutter-free pantry!

Don’t have the time or energy to re-organize your pantry completely? Call Sally Johnston at 504-376-4114 and let Clutter Clearer come to the rescue! Sally will give you a free estimate and show you how you by having an organized pantry, you will continue to save money year-round.