During the holidays, the kitchen is usually at the center of activities. Not only will you be spending a lot of time cooking, you may also be entertaining guests. Spending some time to declutter your kitchen now will mean it will be easier to keep tidy during the holiday season.

So let’s make some room for the holiday cookies, here are 3 steps to start decluttering now.

  1. Declutter Kitchenware

To declutter your kitchenware, you have to understand your needs. These are different for everyone, dependent on who lives in your house, how often you entertain, if you have children or grandchildren, and the limits of your storage space.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you declutter your kitchenware:

  • You don’t need an everyday crockery set as well as good china. Opt to keep the most practical/beautiful/useful and donate the remainder.
  • You need one style of cutlery, not two or three different sets.
  • A few salad bowls, serving platters and dishes is enough – if you are entertaining a large crowd, borrow serving platters from friends or family.
  • Wine glasses and champagne flutes are lovely to have and necessary if you entertain – but ensure you keep enough, not too many. 6-8 of each should be ample for most homes. Again, you can borrow additional glasses if needed.


  1. Declutter Kitchen Drawers

There are few places in the home that attract random clutter like the kitchen drawers. If you have a young family, this is partly unavoidable, given toddlers penchant for playing with kitchen utensils and tupperware. But decluttering the drawers will certainly help make it easier to find what you need.


  1. Clear the Kitchen Counter

Isn’t it lovely to walk into a clutter-free kitchen? Where everything has a place, it feels orderly and open, and it’s easy to find what you need. Keep your kitchen as open and clutter-free as possible by clearing the benchtops of any unnecessary appliances.

Find a place in your cupboards for the toaster, blender and any other appliances that currently reside on the benchtop. It takes approximately 6 seconds to put this back after use and your kitchen will be so much easier on the eye and far less likely to become cluttered.

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